Operations overview

OAS Freight Forwarding realizes that reliable and productive operations is the backbone of any excellent Freight Forwarding software package.  OAS Freight provides an easy-to use platform for entering shipments, combined with a large array of features and tools designed to assist and enhance productivity.


OAS Freight emulates the flow of data to provide the operations person with a natural feel that is easily learned and quickly navigated. Domestic Air, International Air, Ocean or NVOCC - OAS Freight provides an interface that is specific to the operation. Extensive system setup options enable you to specify which functions apply to your business and customize them to your needs


OAS Freight features extensive reporting and print options. Plain-paper documents may be printed on laser, faxed or emailed directly from the workstation.

 The Status module enables you to track your shipments, while the Accounting module provides financial



 Connectivity - EDI messaging allows you to communicate with your trading partners. Time sensitive information is processed, transmitted and received immediately. Pre-processed air waybills allow air shipments to make just-in-time deadlines. Pre-approved Export Declarations help speed shipments through Customs.

Sales - OAS Freight provides several tools to enhance
your sales effort. Clear and informative documentation and reports
present your company professionally. Comprehensive status and EDI
utilities enable your customer to stay informed. Customers are demanding
high technology from forwarders, and OAS provides these tools to you.



  • 100% Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Object-oriented; 32 bit technology
  • Operates in all versions of Windows.
  • Supports electronic data interchange


  • Provides a natural, logical data flow
  • On-the-fly updates for selection databases, such as ports, parties, etc.
  • Extensive shipment locate capabilities
  • No awkward codes required; Look-ups are performed on name or code


  • Complete set of domestic and international documents produced.
  • Documents may be printed in entirety on laser, or on preprinted forms.
  • Documents may be previewed, printed, faxed or e-mailed.


  • Full range of shipment, tracking and financial reports
  • Extremely flexible search engine provides you the ability to specify:
    • Filter Criteria (What data prints)
    • Sort Criteria (What order to print)
    • Totals (Which sort levels to generate totals)
  • Reports may be previewed, printed faxed, or e-mailed


  • Accounts Receivables for Customers and Brokerage.
  • Accounts Payables.
  • Sales and Agent Commissions.
  • Estimated and Actual Cost.
  • Interface with outside accounting software packages.
  • Customer and Vendor credit limits, balances, and alerts.
  • Wide variety of reports, including profit analysis, aging, and revenue reports.


    • Status module provides freight status and location from request to payment.
    • Air Status Detail provides shipment and air waybill status information.
    • Ocean Status Detail provides shipment, master bill, and container status information.
      • Status Detail is updated by:
        • Automatic (system) status updates.
        • Manual status entries.
        • Status messages received electronically via EDI transmission.


    • Communicate with any trading partners:
      • Carriers
      • Shippers
      • Agents
      • Consignees
      • Central Office Servers
    • Many messages supported
      • Status
      • Air: Master Air Waybill, House Waybill
      • Ocean: Space Request, Booking Confirmation, Shipping Instructions, Master Bill