Financials overview

OAS Freight Forwarding provides a full array of tools and features to accumulate, transfer, and analize financials.  OAS Freight is designed to interface with the accounting software of your choice.

Accounts Receivables

Customer Invoices and Credit Memos are processed by the operations user while processing a shipment. There may be multiple invoices per shipment.

The Customer Receipts module applies customer payments to invoices and tracks overpayment credits.


Accounts Payables

Estimated costs are accrued when Shipments and Customer Invoices are processed. Vendors invoices are entered into the Accounts Payables module. The invoice amounts are distributed to customer invoice charges. This ‘actual’ amount replaces the estimated costs.

Vendors Payments may be entered in the Accounts Payables module. Checks are applied to vouchers received.


Carrier’s brokerage is estimated while processing the Shipment.

Received brokerage checks are entered into the Brokerage Receipts module. The check amount is applied to master bills, updating the previous Estimated amount. OAS indicates discrepancies between the actual and estimated amounts.



OAS Freight provides interface to most accounting software packages.  OAS Freight transfers the following information:

  • New Customers

  • New Vendors

  • Customer Invoices

  • Customer Receipts

  • Vendor Invoices (estimated or actual)

  • Brokerage Invoices (estimated or actual)

  • Brokerage Receipts

OAS Freight can be customized to match your accounting software, and the following accounting packages are supported in OAS:



OAS Freight provides a wide array of Financial reports.

  • Shipment Billing and Profitability

  • Accounting Transfer

  • Commissions and Operations Profitablilty

  • Aging Reports

  • Customer and Vendor Transactions History

  • Discrepancy Reports


OAS Freight contains many features useful in collecting and analyzing financial data.

  • Multi-Currency

  • Discrepancy Alerts

  • Customer / Vendor Transaction Logs

  • Rate Tables

  • Pull Charges / Costs